We are Committed to Disease Prevention in Humans

CO Mosquito and Pest Control is a large-scale mosquito control contractor and consultant established in 1995. CO-MC specializes in full-service Integrated Mosquito and Pest Management programs designed to control nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes while protecting our environment. CO-MC employs multiple wildlife Biologists, a Ph.D. Entomologist, 10 certified “Qualified Supervisors”, and over 100 Entomology, Biology, and Public Health technicians to serve over 80 counties, municipal, commercial and residential HOA clients.

Large-scale Mosquito Control Program Services include;

• Survey & Digital Mapping Featuring ArcGIS® (Geographic Information System)
• Comprehensive “Computer Targeted” Wetland Site Inspection
• Adult Mosquito Population Surveillance
• Aerial and Ground-based Biological Larval Mosquito Control
• Aerial and Ground-based ULV Adult Mosquito Control
• Full Taxonomic Identification & Laboratory Services
• Computer-based Record-Keeping and Database Services
• Public Health Emergency Large Scale Control Applications

Small-scale Mosquito Control Services include;

• Residential Homeowner Maintenance Contracts
• Special Event Adult Mosquito Control Applications
• Fairs, Concerts & Special Events
• Corporate Events
• Backyard Weddings, Parties & Barbeques
• Adult & Larval Mosquito Spot-treatments

Professional Consulting Services (available Worldwide)

• New Program Design & Implementation
• Survey & Digital Mapping Featuring ArcGIS® (Geographic Information System)
• Mosquito-borne Arboviral Disease Surveillance
• Full Taxonomic Identification & Laboratory Services
• Existing Program Audits & QC
• Public Health Emergency Applications, Design, Set-up, Implementation & QC

CO Mosquito & Pest Control is a proud member of the West Central Mosquito & Vector Control Association, and the American Mosquito Control Association, and is fully licensed by the Department of Agriculture.

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Our Quick Response team has capabilities of sweeping in to make an accurate assessment then initiate and appropriate abatement program.


CO-MC adheres to the most stringent testing and abatement technologies. We are very conscious of Human needs and environmental concerns.


CO-MC is always available to meet the concerns of corporate or domestic nature. We are only a phone call or an email away. Support staff are on call to answer your questions and concerns.

About CO Mosquito & Pest Control

CO Mosquito & Pest Control takes pride in protecting humans and animals abroad. We recognize the toll pest disease inflicts on our global population. Our Scientists use the latest testing methods to determine levels of infestation. This dictates our level of response for eradication. CO-MC takes pest control extremely seriously.

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