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  Spray Schedules - Adult Mosquito Control Applications
Truck-based ULV (ultra low volume) "Fogging"
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Tuesday July 22nd

Boulder County

City of Lafayette:

Waneka Lake Trail


Larimer County

City of Loveland: 18S, 19S, 25, and 36

Please visit the Client Page for Loveland for a map of the zones to be sprayed


Greenstone HOA

Lindenwood HOA

Eagle Ranch Estates

Paradise Acres


Weld County

City of Greeley:

Poudre River Ranch and Trail, North Public Works, East Memorial Park, Delta Park area, Glenmere Park, Gateway Lakes/Homestead Park, JB Jones Park, Mountain Vista Open Space area, Country Club West Open Space, Epple Park area, Coyote Run Park area, Pumpkin Ridge/Hunter’s Cove area including Sheep Draw Trail, Lincoln Park, Family Funplex/Sports Complex.


Town of Dacono:

Sweetgrass, Eagle Meadow, Dacono east of Glen Creighton, Dacono east of Colorado and west of C Street


Town of Kersey: Town Limits


Town of LaSalle: Town Limits


Town of Platteville:Town Limits


Thursday July 24th

Boulder County

City of Longmont: LM-03, LM-17, LM-18, LM-22, LM-23, LM-27, LM-28, LM-31, LM-34, LM-41, LM-42, and LM-43

Please visit our Client Page for Longmont for the map of areas being sprayed



If you would like to be addded to CMC's Call Notification or Shutoff List, please call our main office at 303-428-5908.

* All Adult Mosquito Spray applications are planned for the hours between Dusk (~8:30pm) and Dawn (~6:00am), WEATHER PERMITTINGApplications may be cancelled or postponed, all or in part without notice. For information on ULV (ultra-low volume) Fogging, jump to Mosquito Control Page, the Adult Mosquito Control section.  Click here for information on Pesticides.

* Please Note:
The City of Longmont Spray Schedule will appear  every Tuesday in the Longmont Times Call.